Tapping Into My Roots Again

Today is not a good day right now for me.

I met someone yesterday, but I’m not too fond of trying to pursue another relationship. He mentioned all of these promises to me, from “being a real gentleman instead of a nigga” to “I really want to get to know you, all of you” to “you may be the one for me”. Sweetheart, I’m very sorry, but I cannot mean that much to you and we have only met twice.

Granted I’ll let you pass since you are a manager at your job. Although everything may seem nice and on time so to speak, what are your true motives? In addition to that, do you know what I’m currently dealing with right now?

I’m pregnant (until I go take the pregnancy test, we don’t necessarily know for sure) so us thinking we’ll go over more than first/second base will not happen. Secondly, I’m still dealing with damaged emotions and physical pain. It’s challenging for me to have a full heart of happiness when I am constantly reminded about how bad my (soon to be) ex treated me. He says that he loves me, however is that seriously true? Does he mean it, or is it just bull shit hitting my mind?

Look, this new guy don’t know me from atom, just like him not knowing me like I’m some foregin object. My soon to be is about to go to jail, for I don’t know how long, I’m hurting pretty bad right now to the point where I don’t know who else I should seriously turn to, and aside from this pregnancy, I don’t know if this job is for me.

I suck at teaching children.

I absolutely suck at it! They won’t love me at all! I’m too bossy.

Alas, I refuse to fully make this blog post a pity post, so here goes some subtle advice that my tarot card app drawn up for me. Everyday, I have a daily tarot card drawn, and so far it’s a 10 out of 10 when I read the description. I use an app called Galaxy Tarot, and for me I managed to learn everything I wanted to learn at my own pace.

***Read at your own discretion, and if it applies to you or someone that you know then feel free to use such given advice***

Side Note: I strongly believe this app is personally made for people like myself who needs it most. Of course it’ll never replace the Holy Bible for me, but goodness 90% of the time the information is spot on as it pertains to my life. I will post the link down below.

Resources: Galaxy Tarot App (Google Play)