Continuation of Life

It has been a long time since I have actually sat down and released what was trapped in my mind. So much changed about me, how I carried myself, and who I fell in and out of love with. To add on to my unknown adventures, I have gained a whole lot of new experiences through those that’ve hurt me emotionally, mentally, or verbally. One thing I will say I refuse to let those memories haunt me, taunting me to go left, or finding myself revert back into an unfulfilling routine.

My advice:

Stay true to yourself. You know what you love, so go after it. There will come a time where you feel like nothing’s going your way, or it is taking FOREVER to reach a goal. Trust me, it is totally normal because I can be a tad bit impatient if I fail to see any sort of life through my progress.

One thing that helps me, which may help you, is to block out distractions. Easy to say, hard to do, challenging to develop. Yet it is not impossible to achieve since, subconsciously, we have selective hearing and process anything that we choose to see and hear. In different cases, the human mind will already come with a strong sense of focus (or what I would like to call it ‘mental toughness’), so the idea of being distracted won’t ever happen.

To wrap everything into one lovely lump of positivity, continue to be you and be happy. There’s no need to be down, or feel defeated, about the kind of journey you’re having. Not everyone will reach the peak of the mountain at the same time, but eventually, once you get to the top and look down, the view will most likely be the same… Unless you have hair in your face, then your view will be quite hairy!